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Pale ale has a lighter color and lots of hops, while wheat ale features high concentrations of wheat, which impart to the beer a distinctive sour aroma.

Amber ale has a golden color and a malty taste, which blends well with the flavors of pizza or French fries.

IPA beer or India Pale Ale is a craft beer that's loaded with hops, which is why it's considered strong and bitter. No matter which IPA style you choose, it will have some common flavors such as floral, bitter, earthy, piney, citrusy and fruity. Some IPAs have a strong citrus taste, while others are fruitier.

Pilsner is a lager beer different from other beers as it has a combination of varied aromas to offer a bitter, unique and refreshing taste. Pilsner acquires its name from its place of origin, Pilsen, in the Czech Republic, where Josef Groll first brewed it in 1842.

Lagers are among the most common beers around the world. Many commercial beers are lagers. There is a very wide choice of lagers, and many of them are pretty affordable compared with other types of beer. Most lager beers have crisp and simple flavors. They’re typically more carbonated and less bitter than ales. Their ABV value varies from 4.5% to 13%.
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Gin is the key ingredient in many classic cocktails, but you can also serve some aged varieties on their own. This iconic spirit hails from around the world and comes in endless varieties.

Producers can make gin with almost any neutral spirit, but they must infuse it with juniper berries, which give the liquor its distinctive pine aroma. There are several types of gin, and each one has a different flavor profile.

We could simply say that whiskey is a liquor that derives from fermented grains. Actually, the whiskey category includes a huge variety of spirits, from bourbon to scotch.

To create completely new flavors, the producers experiment with different grain types. Flavors can range from sweet to spicy and smoky. Most whiskeys were born as a standalone drink, but you can always choose your favorite mixers and invent your own cocktail recipes.

Wine is an alcoholic drink where grapes are the star of the show. Wines usually contain water, alcohol, aromatics, acids and tannins that come together to give each style its distinct flavor and character.

Although this nectar of the gods may come across as a simple alcoholic beverage, several complex factors give each variety its own distinct flavor, aroma, acidity and sweetness. Most are mild to moderately acidic and, depending on the variety, can be mildly sweet or very sweet. Dry varieties have no sugar content. Different varieties have complex aromas, with some featuring the fragrance of berries, while others have a floral scent.

Popular types of red include cabernet sauvignon, syrah, pinot noir and more. Cabernet sauvignon is a full-bodied red wine, featuring black fruit flavors and a hint of spices and oak.

White wine types include chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, pinot gris and more. Wine connoisseurs love chardonnay for its citrusy notes and tropical flavors. The dry style is the ideal choice for those who love their wines crisp and acidic.